Find The Right Place to Eat

The city of London is one of the great metropolises in the world and dates to ancient Roman times. Of all the great things that can be done in London, do not forget to visit the gardens and eat at historic restaurants. One good stop is the bonhams restaurant. It is located in an old and prestigious auction house near Brook Street. It is in Mayfair and is located next to a nice park, so a great plan would be to grab a bite to eat and then relax in the park.

Learn more about bonhams restaurant

Bonhams is properly the name of the auction house, but it has a restaurant that is modeled after a bar. Since quite a few people might participate in an asset auction, a nice restaurant is a great way for an aggressive buyer to stay refreshed. It is also popular with the general public and is seldom restricted to them except for particular events. There are quite a few restaurants nearby, but Bonhams is popular for its combination of casual and elegance.

Bonhams restaurant resembles a pub and has a downstairs entrance that underscores its atmosphere as a sophisticated but low-key establishment. It is not a pub but a French restaurant, as the key chef prefers a French menu and the bar sells a selection of the world's finest wines. Some of them come from France, other wines are British, while others are from Europe and elsewhere. This is not a place for beer but a place to sample some fine product without rowdy company.

The restaurant is open Wednesday through Friday, and Bonhams as a whole receives customers during daylight hours. This is not a place to get a drink at night, but rather is a fine diner for sellers and buyers and is open to the public as well. The chef serves lunch and dinner and is very fond of serving up entire five-course meals.

This restaurant is too slender to serve as a meeting room for large business groups but might be perfect for a small group to discuss their next business move. The meals are structures, so what is available is basically what is being served for the afternoon. The cooking is good enough to get over the chef-selected fair.

The best thing about Bonhams restaurant is that it is not as crowded as more popular and obvious eateries. Since the auction house is not always advertised conspicuously as a restaurant, it can be less crowded for many afternoons. It is also quite close to many shopping opportunities. Since daytime in London tends to be even more exciting than the nightlife, it can be quite an experience to shop at one of the many surrounding stores and then eat at a petite French restaurant.

Of course, do not forget about going to that park later. Grosvenor Park is famous and has many walkways. It is possible to catch a glimpse of Roosevelt as he is glorified for his role in the allied victory as well as just walk that delicious meal away. It is also possible to sit and enjoy the climate that only an Atlantic island nation can provide.