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We have two CSA programs. You can subscribe to one or both. In some cases, they are dropped off at different locations, but very nearby each other. One is our CSA including meat, poultry, eggs and dairy. The other is our CSA offering fresh veggies & fruit. You select a share size and additional products and we deliver your share each to one of many central locations. The specific details are found on our Produce or Meat CSA pages. If you have questions, send an email or call. If you call, please leave a message as we are often outside working. Our produce CSA is sold out for the 2012. (Please consider a share from our friends at Angelic Organics, they still have shares available.) Our meat CSA is also sold out until the winter season which starts in November 2012.

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Once you decide to join, please make sure you agree with our basic terms, posted here.

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What is a CSA?  In a CSA, you purchase a "share" in a local farm and receive periodic deliveries of local, delicious, fresh products.

Why is the CSA model important to farmers and consumers? A CSA, or subcription model provides farmers with a predictable understanding of how much product to produce, and consumers have the confidence that the product will be available every month. Many times at farmers markets we have disappointed customers by telling them we're out of chicken or eggs or steak. As a subscriber, we raise products just for you, and reserve it! This is particularly important with meat products, for several reasons. The cycle to produce meat is much longer than produce, so we know what to know well in advance. Also, distributing all of our meat can be done when we rotate our cuts through the CSA package.

About our Meat CSA: What will my family receive?  Each delivery you will receive a generous variety of seasonal meat and poultry products. We will include the equivalent dollar value of season appropriate products. The most common question is exactly what you will get....We mix it up with seasonal products.

How are products delivered?  All products are delivered frozen in a cooler according to USDA safe handling requirements for perishable foods.  We are licensed as meat distributors and products are processed at local, family run USDA inspected facilities.





Producer Line Up

Grass Is Greener Gardens is a 130-acre farm nestled in the valleys of Southwestern Wisconsin. Using sustainable and organic methods, we raise lamb, chicken, eggs, produce and cut flowers. We sell our products directly to consumers at farmer’s markets, through a CSA and directly from the farm. We offer a Meat CSA and a Produce CSA. They are offered separately, but pick ups can be coordinated.

Our Partner Farms We offer beef and pork from our friends and neighbors. They care about the same things we do, all animals are raised on pasture and cared for with respect. We also offer honey & yogurt from local producers.

Your producers believe in providing wholesome, local products.  Animals are grass fed and receive grain as youngsters. They are always free to roam about as they wish. 

We do not feed animal byproducts nor use growth hormones. Antibiotics are used only when necessary to maintain the health of the animal.